Staying Safe and Reducing the Risks

Don’t share personal information on the internet!

Never-EVER send someone a nude photo of yourself!

Do not accept friend requests from people you do not know in person.

Do not engage in online chats with people you do not know in person.

Tell a parent or trusted adult if you are uncomfortable with someone, or if you feel like you are in danger.

Understand the risks and dangers and stay away from anything that doesn’t look right.

Realize how valuable you are, and don’t let anyone treat you with disrespect!

What Parents Can Do

Talk with your kids about only talking to people they personally know online.

Tell your kids to never send inappropriate photos to anyone.

Make sure you know your child’s passwords, usernames, nicknames, and email addresses.

What To Look For

Girls can be forced to get a tattoo of their pimp’s name or insignia to mark them out as his ‘property’.